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Go beyond just looking at problems with the teeth.

Patients can go through multiple sets of braces, get veneers, you name it, all with negative outcomes. Why? The problem isn’t always the teeth. The skeletal and the overlying soft tissue drape should also be addressed. Join today and learn how to approach orthodontic treatment, the full-face way.

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13 Standard Case-Based Videos:
Stay informed! An invaluable resource for any orthodontist or esthetic dentist.

A Library of Protocols & Checklists:
20+ forms and checklists available to help assist you with treatment planning.

Technique Videos
From crown lengthening to microesthetic reshaping, see how Dr. Sarver approaches techniques.

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The option to purchase Premium Lectures at your convenience:
Long-form lectures available for purchase at $199 each.

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Step into the world of real patient cases and take a deep dive into dentofacial esthetics that will teach you how to evaluate each patient who walks through your door.

Dr. Sarver's captivating long-from lectures, told through actual patient cases, deliver solid didactic content that allows you to fully appreciate the significance of learning the full-face approach.

Membership Includes:

Online Lectures

Online Lectures: See how Dr. Sarver evaluates patients focusing first on the full face and then on details before deciding on the treatment plan that will yield the best outcome. These lectures, explained through real-life patient examples, will help you see the bigger picture and evaluate each patient that walks through your door.

Case Studies

Case Studies: This collection of short videos is organized by treatment and is a great reference guide as you begin to assess treatment options.

Treatment Checklists, Protocols & Guidelines

Treatment Checklists, Protocols & Guidelines: Resources include treatment checklists, protocols, and photography guidelines to help properly document your cases.

Technique Videos

Technique Videos: From laser treatment, microesthetics, and reshaping teeth to walking you through products Dr. Sarver uses for different treatments, this growing library of short videos are referenced throughout Dr. Sarver's lectures and give you more detail for each treatment technique.

View Treatment Plans

View Treatment Plans: Whether you’re sitting on the sidelines or actively diagnosing and creating treatment plans, it’s never a bad idea to see and learn from other clinicians. All treatment plans are reviewed by Dr. David Sarver and posted monthly.

Premium Online Lectures

Premium Online Lectures: These 30-to-60-minute course videos dive deep into dentofacial esthetics and continue to show you how to evaluate each patient from macro to micro, taking into consideration concepts like esthetic balance and smile projection to lip support and incisor proclination.

Submit Cases for Treatment Planning Recommendations

Submit Cases for Treatment Planning Recommendations: As dentists, we start with a plan and then solve challenges that we encounter as treatment progresses. No dentist or orthodontist has 100% of cases go the way they originally planned; we all must think and navigate our way to a finish. You’re not alone. Dr. David Sarver can help guide you through this process. After joining, all members will have access to purchase treatment recommendations. Standard Members: $1,800 | Premium Members: Receive 20% Off: $1,440.

See the Bigger Picture

Get the guidance and direction needed to evaluate and incorporate better esthetic treatment for your patients through case-based courses, case studies, treatment planning tools, and access to checklists and procedural protocols.


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This is essentially identical to the Standard Monthly Plan. We’re simply providing you with the choice to snag a full-year membership instead of making monthly payments, which results in $80 in annual savings.

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Premium includes everything in Standard Membership plus full access to all premium courses (10+ Hours of CE).


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